New Breed – The Photographic Book Project

The 2010 Photographic Project continues with New Breed, the second book in the series.

New Breed
5.5 x 7 inches, 13.97 x 17.78 cm
Perfect Bound
Color and Black & White
40 pages
Soft Cover with Dust Jacket
Digital offset
Edition of 100

Further information about this year’s Photographic Project can be found here.

USA – $25.00
Canada & Mexico – $27.00
All other countries – $30.00

Please use the button below to place your order:

You can still order a subscription to the entire series of books while supplies of Star Quality, the first book, are still available. Once those copies are gone, the subscription will no longer be available.

For people who bought Star Quality on its own and now want to sign up for the subscription, I will honor the original subscription prices listed below minus the amount you already paid. I can’t promise that this offer will continue once the third book is announced.

The prices for a subscription to the series are as follows and they also include shipping and tax:

USA – $270.00
Canada & Mexico – $295.00
All other countries – $330.00

To order a subscription please send an email with your shipping information and I will then forward you an invoice for payment via Paypal.

Thanks again for all the support so far and please let me know if you have any questions.

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