Visitor Billboard – Philadelphia

If you are in the Philadelphia area during the next few weeks, a billboard has been installed in connection with my participation in Of The Ordinary at PPAC.

The billboard is located at the intersection of Oxford Street and 2nd Street through May 28, 2012. Please drive by and take a look if you have a chance.


  • Susan Plover wrote:

    hi Ofer,
    how good would it be to keep up a secure ladder and have scheduled public /celeb visits as a performance piece to be videod ?
    love the piece and your strategies. final year fine art student have just joined vimeo after seeing your work-wonderful ! my profile picture is my latest collage for my show. will be researching you as one of my cited artists. i have so many questions about your practice especially the collage portrait sue

  • stephen rose wrote:

    The actual final installation is, by me, weird/ok but it pales completely compared to the amazing time lapse of the little beings first taking down a big sheet and in so doing revealing something amazing below. A new sheet goes up which turns out to be the young man’s zombie like head. I want to see more sheets revealed below with amazing things revealed underneath. And sorry, I will walk a different way home to avoid the zombie guy’s predatory stare.

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